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Index – Indoor – Some have been waiting at the Rosske border for 14 hours

Those coming from or heading to Serbia by car have to wait four hours in both directions at the border crossing on the Röszke motorway, and two hours for those traveling by bus – the police said In the morning. However, the disruption turns out to be much greater than that.

A Utazómajom reader reported that he and his friend left Montenegro on Saturday noon, but were able to reach the end of the four-kilometer-long traffic jam at the Röszke border.

Currently, they have been waiting for 14 hours with the other drivers, with no food or drink at first. Someone walked to a gas station a few kilometers away to get refreshments and food, but the shop had already been looted, according to the report. travel monkey.

Cars park backwards in rows, trying to advance, which sometimes ends with constant screeching and honking. Many drivers fell asleep and fell asleep, because sometimes they did not move a meter forward for an hour.

– Read the reader’s report, which revealed that they have already crossed the Serbian border, and are currently wandering between the Hungarian and Serbian borders.

According to the police, the situation at the border road crossing in Osutalm, which operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 7am and 10pm in July and August, is similar to that of Ruski. At the Tiszasziget border crossing, there is a one-hour queue on the exit side, and a half-hour queue on the entrance side, at the Kübekház crossing you have to wait half an hour in both directions.

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