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Index – local – at the end of the year we were more Swedes than Swedes

There are currently no strict restrictions in place in Hungary, except for wearing a mask, we can live roughly as before the pandemic. The government has recently based its defense on vaccination, so in the absence of centralized instructions, many have voluntarily decided to forgo a family event for the sake of safety.

Zsolt Boldogkői believes that it will be important from a viral point of view to reduce personal encounters during the holidays.

Christmas is actually over in 2020, so it’s understandable families want to make up for last year’s holiday as well, but keep in mind that the virus is still around. The situation is better now, of course, in the sense that we already have protection, but unfortunately not omnipotent vaccination either, we do not have a sure prescription for who will be the victim.

The professor of virology told INDEX, noting that in addition to the elderly and the chronically ill, active middle-aged citizens often develop severe symptoms. That’s why the expert recommends spending Christmas this year only with a small family, preferably with whoever we live with anyway, but it’s also worth considering an online meeting and skipping the New Year’s Eve party.

Covid-19 has been proven to be most prevalent in homes. This means that if a kinship is sitting at the dinner table and only one of them gets infected, then there is a high probability that the others will be infected. The virus could exist for anyone, as no digital education or curfews were introduced in Hungary during the fourth wave. In recent months, we’ve been more Swedes than Swedes,” Boldogkoy noted, noting that no precautionary measures were deliberately taken in the Scandinavian country, hoping that this would develop herd immunity sooner. They were wrong.

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Why is there no free test in Hungary?

According to the expert, if we insist on a larger family reunion, we should do a PCR test beforehand if possible. Screening might be a really good solution, but the problem is that not everyone can afford cost-effective testing plus the Christmas spending. That is why the index was interested in previous government information about whether there is a chance, with the holidays approaching, that coronavirus testing will become free in Hungary, as in Austria. Gergeli Golias, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told our question that, as before, a similar measure was not planned, as the government sees that many people will launch vaccination with checks.

Can the fourth wave continue?

It is difficult to predict how long the fourth wave will last, but there are already clear signs that the number of cases, like neighboring countries, is declining in our country and that fewer people are hospitalized. An omicron variant that is too fast to spread can upset this process, especially if we’re still not in strictures and the year-end festivities are moving big crowds.

– The professor of virology said, stressing that precautions must also be strictly observed, paying attention to regular and thorough hand washing, disinfection, as well as frequent ventilation and avoiding contact with close contacts such as kisses and hugs.

(Cover Photo: Pedestrians in Stockholm on December 23, 2020. Photo: Narciso Contreras/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)