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Index – Local – Gergeli Caraxone received a fine of more than half a million forints

Mayor Gergeli Karaxone, as an individual, initiated two issues – the case of Fudan University and the job-hunting pension. Referendum last year. Signature collection forms were submitted on January 21, and after verification of signatures, NVB demonstrated on March 9 that required signatures of at least two hundred thousand were collected in both initiatives.

According to the law, the initiator of the referendum must return all signature collection papers to the NVI, and the NVB must impose a fine of HUF 800 per newspaper for non-returned papers.

According to MTI, the NVB unanimously decided at its meeting on Wednesday that

In the case of Fudan University, 326 of the 51,667 signature-collection papers had not been submitted by the initiator of the referendum by the deadline stipulated in the law and thus was fined HUF 260,800. In the referendum initiated in the case of a job search allowance, the initiator did not return 322 papers and was therefore fined 257,600 Swiss francs.

NVB decisions are not final, and can be appealed to Curia within five days.

(Cover photo: Gergeli Caraxoni on January 17, 2022. Photo: Patricia Bodnar/Index)

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