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Index – Local – Gergeli Golias went to the head of the European Prosecutor’s Office

on June 1 Work started European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). Gergely Gulyás also received a question in Government Info on Thursday about why Hungary did not join the organization to investigate fraud and other crimes against EU financial interests.

The minister stated that Hungary, along with several other EU member states, Poland, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden, would be excluded from the European Prosecutor’s Office. The main reason for this is that accession would infringe sovereignty, and the first person of the European Prosecutor’s Office alone would deny the effectiveness of the organization.

Gergeli Golias added that this is Laura Kudroza Kovici, who conducted conceptual actions in Romania against Hungarian politicians, which also violate the minimum basic values ​​of the rule of law.

It is clear that he is unable to lead such an organization. A criminal case was brought against him in his own country, and the anti-Hungarian sentiments that characterized his activities were so indisputable that there was no difference of opinion between the ruling party and the opposition in Hungarian domestic politics.

The politician said adding that Laura Kudroza Covisi His appointment at the head of this organization denies any favor.

The appointment of Laura Codruța Kövesi was approved in October 2019. His term of office is 7 years, and his role as European Prosecutor is to investigate and prosecute fraud, corruption and money laundering affecting the financial interests of the European Union. Between 2013 and 2018 a Led by the Romanian National Anti-Corruption Agency (DNA), for a full term More than 2,000 cases have been investigated, thousands of people have been brought to justice, and 900 have been convicted, including mayors, senators and members of the government. One of them was Chief of Staff Victor Ponta, who was acquitted of the charges in May 2018, but the DNA also targeted the senator and former faction leader of the Hungarian Democratic Union in Romania, Gergeli Olos, who, according to DNA, accepted 500,000 euros and 400,000. Mine. To give four companies a commercial advantage. Against the Hungarian politician in 2019 international trading issued.

As for the European Prosecutor’s Office, Justice Minister Judith Varga recently indicated that Hungary will participate in the work of the organization as an observer.

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