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Index – Local – His wife L.L Jr. left

08.06.2021. 09:30

LL Junior’s wife, Kinga Körtvélyessy, has strayed from the musician. the Hints He knows he took their young daughter Lilith with him. It is not yet known whether the rupture was permanent or temporary. Kinga Körtvélyessy has moved from her home in Törökbálint to an apartment in the capital.

This is not the first serious vicissitudes in the life of the spouses. The musician and his partner met each other in 2016, and by 2017 they were already engaged. Their relationship was tumultuous, they broke up several times, and in 2018, it seemed like they went on with their lives in other ways forever.

We were disappointed in the other, and I think we saw something different in each other than in reality. We expected something different from each other and from the relationship. Sadly, but separately, we are now waiting for the good God to point us in the right direction and for inspiration to come on our way.

Happy LL Jr after their 2018 breakup. In the end, the couple found each other again, and in 2019 they married. Their little daughter Lily was born last year.

It is not yet known what might have caused the downgrade now, but Blikk knows that they have not been fired due to a third party. The musician said about the news:

I do not want to confirm or refute this.

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