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Index – Local – Hungary has been summoned to the European Court of Justice in a wastewater treatment case

The European Commission said on Wednesday that the European Commission has decided to refer Hungary to the Luxembourg-based EU Court for failing to comply with the requirements of the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive.

According to the MTI report, the directive requires member states to ensure that urban agglomerations properly collect and treat wastewater thus eliminating or minimizing all of their adverse effects. In justifying its decision, the European Commission noted that the European Green Agreement sets a depollution target for the European Union and its member states.

Full implementation of the rules laid down in EU legislation is important for effective protection of human health and the natural environment. Untreated wastewater can contain harmful bacterial and viral contaminants, posing a risk to human health. In addition, it contains a number of nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous, that can damage fresh water and the marine environment by causing excessive algae formation, and suffocating other life forms: this is called eutrophication. According to their information

In Hungary, 22 conglomerates still do not comply with the directive,

While it does not provide all its residents with an urban sewage collection system or an alternative that provides the same level of environmental protection. In the absence of collection, wastewater cannot be treated as required by EU law. In addition, Hungary does not offer a more comprehensive treatment for five other clusters, they said.

The European Commission sent a formal notification letter to the relevant Hungarian authorities in February 2017, followed by a reasoned opinion in December 2017.

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Although the Hungarian authorities cooperated closely with the Commission, based on the low rate of contact with existing collection systems and the high rate of use of individual systems or other appropriate measures, the Brussels Panel concluded that the Hungarian authorities did not demonstrate compliance with the above. conglomerates.

Due to improper treatment of municipal wastewater, the European Commission is next to Hungary

  • with Greece,
  • Belgium,
  • with Spain
  • France in infringement proceedings.