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INDEX – LOCAL – Most of the country may be preparing for strong winds

In the afternoon, more intense warm frontal clouds arrive from the northwest in the evening. Rain and rain may fall in the evening in the northern and northeastern provinces. Southwest winds can be accompanied by liveliness, and in some places strong tremors in the small plain – it turns out National Weather Service of expectations.

The highest temperatures during the day are usually between 9 and 14 degrees, and in the more cloudy northeast it may be cooler. In the late evening, the temperature drops between 2 and 8 degrees.

In the evening the sky is mostly cloudy or overcast. Rain is likely to fall in several places in the north of the country and elsewhere. The south and southwest winds are getting stronger in many places since dawn. The lowest temperatures at night are usually between 0 and 7 degrees.

Warning issued

Late Thursday morning, at noon, southwesterly winds in the northeastern provinces (Haidosaj, Nersig) can be accompanied by gusts of up to 70-80 km / h. In the afternoon, the southwest wind shifts to the west and northwest and becomes gusty in an ever-increasing area. The strongest storms are usually in the northern and northeastern provinces between 70 and 90 km / h, but stronger gusts may occur near more intense showers and at higher altitudes. The National Weather Service issued the alert that day in twelve counties.

Photo: National Weather Service

During the day, the clouds break apart more and more. Cloud transit is expected, with fewer and fewer clouds as of noon and evening. Rain and torrential rain may fall in several places, especially in the northeastern part of Hungary. A thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. The tendency to precipitation decreases in the evening. And the winds that move to the south and southwest and then to the west and northwest are accompanied by strong shocks, especially a storm in northern Hungary. The highest temperatures during the day are usually between 11 and 17 degrees.

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On Friday night, air traffic is gradually losing strength, however, even on that day, there is a Class I warning of wind gusts in eight counties.

(Cover Photo: Attila Palace/MTI)