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Index – Local – Nothing can be done on Vodafone for five days

07.10.2021. 14:45

From the second half of July to July 29, many of the company’s management options and services will be phased out, as Vodafone Hungary will replace the customer management system used to register its mobile customers, he writes. This omission will greatly affect the transactions managed by or closely related to the billing system.

As a first step in the transition, Vodafone will no longer be delivering prepaid SIM cards based on web orders from July 14, and full mobile web store purchases will be discontinued on July 19, i.e. from that date.

It is not possible to buy a new device from Vodafone. Finally, from July 24 to 28, the service provider’s nearly complete mobile management process will be suspended for five days.

This is nothing, because in the final phase of the transition – until July 29 – Vodafone online stores or Vodafone stores will not be able to settle bills, top-up balances, purchase equipment and services, and warranty service for defective equipment will be suspended during this interval.

And it’s not over yet, because you will not be able to pay the parking fee and toll fee via SMS or the app, and the mobile subscription management interface of the My Vodafone app will not be available. During the rest period, Vodafone roaming cannot be activated either.

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