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INDEX – LOCAL – Persecuted Christians Quickly Disappeared From Istvan Holick’s Record

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– István Hollik, Director of Communications at Fidesz, a member of the KDNP, revealed in his Facebook post, in response to the fact that Ferencváros municipality Rename The streets defining the area where the government plans to build Fudan University.

He took Székely Boulevard, Transcarpathian Hungarians Square, and Carpathian Basin Street to three points upon entering the politician.

The beauty of the post is so much – To be noticed A 444 – that the original entrance was not like this, as it was formerly replaced by “Street of Persecuted Christians” rather than “Street Zickler”.

1. A tour of persecuted Christians. Although the left does not admit it, many of our Christian brothers and sisters are being persecuted in the Middle East, for example.

He said the original writing.

Istvan Holick didn’t seem to notice that one of the trips was named after Archbishop Shi Si Kwang, who was the bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in Mentung, which was operating illegally in the People’s Republic of China, and who spent about 28 years in captivity in Chinese prisons.

However, it seems that sooner or later the information also got to the pro-government politician, who quickly changed the topic of the first point of the persecution of Christians to the Zicklers case.

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