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Index – Local – Phenomenon: A couple of politicians made of Teflon

Some public figures already have little profit, like tongue falter Burning In perpetuity, for others, voters will be pardoned if the court finds them guilty of, for example, corruption. Political analysts have been busy with this esoteric phenomenon since the early 1980s.

The term “Teflon President” was first used to refer to the fortieth president of the United States, referring to the fact that Republican Ronald Reagan came out of even the hottest situations without deep scratches even during his election campaign. His presidential activities were also surrounded by popular discontent and corruption scandals, yet his character remained popular throughout. Many believe in his acting charisma and playful, sympathetic nature to find the key to the secret.

Democratic President Bill Clinton has often used this shift. He admitted, for example, that he had returned the grass, and that he had cheated on his wife, during his tenure lie To the public, but all this was not of particular interest to anyone. According to contemporary polls, the majority of people would have liked to remain in office for a third term, even if that was constitutionally possible at all. According to most analysts, in addition to the charm of Clinton’s character, it was probably because of his friendly press, which supported his actions in isolation.

The presidency of Democrat Barack Obama is also explained, which is also referred to as “scandal-free.” Obama’s achievement was that while voters often disagreed with his most concrete political moves, he agreed with that person. However it did not decrease.

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Europe has also become non-stickable

Of course, the term Teflon soon crossed the ocean policy, and spread to our continent as well. For a long time, Silvio Berlusconi, a three-time Italian prime minister, has been an enduring epic symbol, having spent dozens of criminal cases for many years, first for his governmental power and later for his political influence. Preservation next to.

Angela Merkel is also fondly referred to as the “Teflon Adviser”. Her magic power, according to analysts, is that the electorate somehow perceives her as the mother of all (“my death”). Watching his victory over a decade and a half, there might be something in it.

Boris Johnson’s crumbling look and subtle style may seem like a sure recipe for a quick fall at first, but since then, “Mr. Kerr Starmer again.

Analyst at Politico to me British Prime Minister Donald Trump picks up the US President’s communication tools:

  • He succeeded in lowering quality expectations regarding his person (his following scandals were pre-priced by voters, so they would not have a diminishing effect);
  • He attacks confidently and constantly, rioting and chirping so that he does not have to defend himself until then;
  • And he talks to the center, so he always says what the majority want to hear (he often vomits on textbook-like debate situations because they don’t care about principles but rather success).

Myth or reality?

Let everything sound so pragmatic as the end of the first cycle of Donald Trump, who was also considered Teflon boss for a long time, causing huge storms with every second sentence, but he was not interrupted for a while. How could this happen?

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Political scientist David G. Lanoy says Teflon coating is just an urban legend. It was already in the late eighties OpinionThat Ronald Reagan’s surge in popularity has not deviated significantly from his former bosses. He just got off nicely, if you’d like: He had a glaze, really in terms of judging posterity.

He is likewise skeptical of Teflon fr24news Its author also talks about Emmanuel Macron, who often also seems indestructible. French President

He said his cosmic potential would be at least determined by the interaction of conditions beyond his control such as his “superpower”.

According to the article, if voters did not accept Macron as their savior during the current pandemic because they were only curious about his always optimistic and future-oriented personality, the French politician’s chances of survival will be slim in 2022, in the next presidential election. .

So the protective coating is great Perhaps it is not a gift or a political character traitAnd the It’s the lucky development of events and voters’ impressions. In any case, it seems certain from the example of Trump and Berlusconi that the life span of Teflon is not infinite, the glaze can certainly wear out over time.

By the way, kitchen gadget manufacturers recommend getting rid of scratches if there are already a lot of scratches. Because damaged paint can be very toxic.