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Index – Local – The first lessons from the list of stores based on square meters

After the number of people vaccinated with at least one dose in Hungary exceeded 2.5 million, the first mitigation measures were sharpened, meaning a transition to a square meter-based operating mode in stores.

Accordingly, a maximum of one buyer per ten square meters can be located in the shopping area, the previous rules must be observed and the mask and distance must be worn in the same way.

We asked Chapa Bubenko, president of the Independent Trade Union Union (KDFSZ), about the first experiences of the new regulation.

The introduction of the new rules has not caused any major disturbances, and based on experience to date, the operation of stores is completely normal.

Customer count

The most common solution is for a person on behalf of a trustee or company, for example, to keep track of the number of clients entering and leaving with a tablet.

This is facilitated by the fact that they only carry as many baskets as possible that they can stay in at one time, because with a basket or shopping cart, only one person plus children can shop.

Elsewhere, technological capabilities are used to track the number of employees, traffic is monitored on screens in a central room, and current information is transmitted to an application.

Csaba Bubenkó still regards compliance with the rules as the most important point of defense.

In addition to operating on a square meter basis, the priority remains to properly wear the mask, maintain our dimension, and spend as little time as possible in the store.

He described queuing at the exit as the most dangerous part of the buying process, and here we cannot forget to stand at least a meter and a half behind what was waiting in front of us, but it is also a problem that in many stores there is not enough lateral distance between the exit.

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The president of KDFSZ is of the opinion that many are still out there, whether from sellers or buyers, that they are not wearing the mask properly, covering their noses, or slipping their chins on.

Following the rules is also in our individual best interest. Keeping your distance and wearing a mask is not only a rule to follow, but it also protects yourself and others.

By the way, there is no record of the number of people infected among commercial workers, but according to Csaba Bubenkó, the case ratios have increased similarly to the national epidemiological situation data.

Corona virus has eroded commercial units, and despite the importance of people’s workplaces, health is more important, so there is a need for a compromise in which service does not harm health.

The union leader stressed that the greatest responsibility currently for customers is to reduce the risk of infection in stores by following the rules.

(Cover photo: Customers wearing protective masks in a store in the capital. Photo: Zoltán Balogh / MTI)