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Index – Local – The Hungarians living in Great Britain speak of a crumbling country

Boris Johnson on Monday sought to avoid a collapse in British healthcare by ordering a complete lockdown. On Tuesday, Hungary unexpectedly lifted the ban on landing flights from the United Kingdom. With the end of the airspace mass, the WizzAir flight was launched from Budapest to London on Tuesday and Wednesday. RyanAir also planned, but ultimately did not release a machine. EasyJet canceled its flight.

The fact that Hungarian Airlines launched only one plane to London on its most used route, instead of the usual three flight pairs a day, says Gábor G. Varga, shows that those who really cared about traveling to Great Britain only, aviation expert. According to him, the lifting of the ban does not pose any danger, since Hungarians working abroad will make the trip with several transfers.

Business and private visits are made impossible due to the UK’s mandatory 10-day quarantine.

WizzAir has also prepared its riders to tighten entry requirements. According to our information, there were no disturbances at London Airport – Luton or Ferihegy.

Empty shelves and home office

The schools only opened for a day when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suddenly announced a bribe order. Hungarians living in Great Britain unanimously claim that the epidemiological situation is dangerous and that this is mainly due to a loosely managed quarantine. As a result of the current distress, it is only possible to move away from home to work and eat.

A reader who lives in the London area reported that while in Hungary the authorities are strictly monitoring compliance with home quarantine, in the UK they are not paying as much attention. However, the streets of Basildon, a small town east of London, do indeed feel austere. Public places are empty and there is little to no road traffic. Although the stores weren’t looted as they were in the spring, a buildup of foodstuffs in the house has begun. Refueling of England with permanent food, especially frozen merchandise For this reason, the Walmart chain, for example, has limited the quantity that a particular product can buy to three. There is no shortage of toilet paper.

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According to Tamas, the youth did not abide by protection measures at all during the holidays. There was a wild party at 107,000 Basildon. With the request to lock bribery and aggressive acceleration of infection, people are stunned and seem to be taking compliance more seriously.

Working from home in Scotland since March

Andrea has lived in the suburbs of Glasgow for 14 years. Although he lived only 5 minutes from his workplace, he was unable to enter the office even before the current tightening order was issued. He has been working from home since the first wave of the pandemic. In Scotland, since the spring of 2020, the majority of office workers have switched to full-time work at home. For this reason, they find it increasingly difficult to tolerate confinement. Andrea said the Scottish government has been reacting very consistently to the alternating waves of the virus, while London has taken confusing, delayed and ill-considered measures.

The number of infected people is very high because the London government has been idle in monitoring the spread of the virus mutation that appears during the holidays.

Andrea said it was surprising that while the entire island nation was closed, the borders remained open. And with the air traffic, the new shape can spread smoothly. Moreover, the lock on bribery does not limit the British love for tourism. A vacation is allowed without restrictions in an overseas tourist paradise.

They have passed Christmas

Andrea said the rampant shopping fever before Christmas would have greatly worsened the epidemic without mutating the new coronavirus. It was expected that after the holiday, hospitals would be saturated and the country closed again. In Scotland, things are more orderly than London is handling the pandemic nationwide. Dominated Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. In the three parts of the country, it was decided earlier and in a coordinated manner to slow the spread of the virus.

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Zoltan, who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, says people understand austerity and follow the rules, but it is very annoying to be locked up again. For those who have had to go on compulsory leave due to the shortage, the state pays 80 percent of the overtime wage. Although Johnson’s government will, in principle, only maintain the current austerity through January, Zoltan said everyone in Scotland is confident that this will continue at least until spring, and that the only way out is by vaccination.

What does the mutated virus mean and why is the Hungarian vaccine good?

Although the British were the first in the world to receive the vaccine, the vaccination plan is being amended day by day by the London government. It is not known who will be vaccinated after the elderly, and it is also doubtful that the vaccination will be repeated after 6 or 12 weeks. Politically, Brexit and the pandemic have peaked at the same time. The two historic crises gave a new impetus to Scottish independence aspirations.

Hungarians in England about lockdown: This could hurt Boris Johnson's career

School closures are the most painful restrictions that take effect at dawn.