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Index – Local – The quality of life for Jewish communities is one of the best in Hungary

According to a study presented at the annual conference of the European Jewish Association (EJA) in Budapest, the quality of life of Jewish communities in Europe and Hungary is the best in Europe.

A study by the EJA and the London-based British Institute for Jewish Policy Research, which has conducted weighting polls in recent years, has come up with the following rankings for Jews’ quality of life:

  • The best in Hungary and Italy,
  • Denmark follows them,
  • United kingdom,
  • Austria ,
  • Holland,
  • Germany,
  • Sweden,
  • Spain,
  • France,
  • Poland
  • and Belgium.

The German government is the most supportive

Rabbi Menachem Margolin, president of the European Jewish Association (EJA), said the research found that Jews have the most security in Denmark, followed by Hungary, Italy and Austria. in contrast

In Poland, Germany, Belgium and France, Jews feel much less safe.

He also noted that, based on measures taken by European governments to support Jews, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands topped the rankings, while Poland, Denmark, Spain and Belgium underperformed for the Jewish community.

He added that the aim of the study was not to argue with one government or another, but to create a common set of tools to compare the quality of life of Jews and governments to see what action they should take.

According to the summary of the United Jewish Community of Hungary – Hungarian Jewish Association, the study also takes into account previous surveys on Jews’ feelings of security, attacks on Jews, and statements of resentment against Jews. The report examined the sense of security for European Jews, anti-Semitic attitudes, European governments’ actions against anti-Semitism, the security of the Jewish community and freedom of religion, as well as how the country votes in international forums on issues affecting Israel.

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They feel safer in Hungary

Of the 12 countries where most Jews live in Europe, Jews in Denmark and Hungary feel safer

The Jews were least affected by anti-Semitic attacks in Hungary.

In France, Jews feel less safe, but in France, the most necessary steps have been taken to preserve the Jewish community, so a positive transformation is expected.