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Index – Local – The virus boom in England could be stopped at upcoming airports

A reader living in England was surprised that Hungary lifted its landing ban on flights from Britain while a bribery shutdown was ordered in the UK. Schools are closed, in fact, you can only go out of your house to work and eat.

The London government has imposed austerity across England from Tuesday.

Hungary on Wednesday lifted its landing ban on flights from Great Britain. Based on Tuesday night’s data,

All major airports in the European Union can be reached from London.

This allows you to fly directly to the UK, Germany and Poland from the UK.

The ban imposed in December was in effect until February 8. Those who wanted to travel from Great Britain to Hungary after the holidays could have done the easiest way with the flight between London and Bratislava, but on January 4 Brexit was also mixed. At that time, about thirty Hungarian passengers were stranded at London-Luton Airport.

Cold showers can come in Ferihegy

Make sure you know this before you travel.

London – Budapest

On January 1, Tamas Somogyi’s daughter received a notification from RyanAir that her flight had been canceled two days later because Hungary would not accept a direct flight from the UK. Therefore, the family was looking for a plane ticket with transportation to Amsterdam so that the girl could go home after the Christmas visit. In order for Rosa to get on the plane to the Dutch capital, she needed a negative test more than 72 hours old, for which she spent £125. The cost of a flight ticket, including transportation, is 200 pounds. When the girl landed in Budapest on Tuesday, January 5, she learned that Hungary had lifted its airspace lock on Wednesday. In addition, the Hungarian authorities do not accept the results of tests outside the Schengen area, so Rosa was sent to an official home quarantine for 10 days, which can be shortened by two negative tests.

While the risk of introducing a more aggressively prevalent viral mutation can be eliminated by 70 percent at private entrances, those arriving from business trips are not screened.

Budapest – London

In the UK at the moment

Arrivals from Hungary are waiting for a mandatory 10-day quarantine at home.

It is also necessary to complete the online contact inquiry form within 48 hours prior to entry. Some UK workers may be exempt from quarantine. Those entering England have the opportunity to test themselves privately after 5 days and leave quarantine sooner if they test negative. According to the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have not yet introduced a similar measure.

Despite the bribery lock, why was the airspace unlocked?

Great Britain is one of Hungary’s most important economic partners, and this is well illustrated by the fact that the flight between Budapest and London has been the most used route by Wizz-Air since travel restrictions were imposed in September. In addition, many Hungarians work in the island country, who will not return until after the holiday. Their flight is facilitated by the release of the airspace lock. Despite the bribery lock, entry and exit from the UK via France was much more expensive, as it was important for them to travel, as evidenced by the fact that on Wednesday afternoon all tickets for Wednesdays for flights from Budapest were sold out. to London. Back, the interest is more modest.

The mutation of the virus in England can be stopped at the upcoming airports

Aviation expert Gabor J. Varga told INDEX. According to him, mandatory quarantine and testing in Hungary can reduce the risk of spreading the virus. G. Varga confirmed that there is also a PCR testing station at Ferihegy Airport. This way, anyone who checks themselves right after landing can get out of home quarantine faster. According to the aviation expert, Britain could soon become the safest country in Europe because the UK has delivered the largest number of vaccines in Europe to date. There herd immunity can develop as quickly as possible because tens of millions can become protected in a short period of time. To date, the number of vaccinations has exceeded one million.

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