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Index – Local – Tibor Dévényi also has three wishes

Tibor Devini, i.e. Uncle Tepe, will soon be 75 years old, but he is still working, now as a host for Retro Radio. Fortunately, the wish will fulfill the country admitted to Borsnack: She was a real womanizer.

This is what theatrical people’s lives are all about. Uncle Tepe also had many young fans at that time. Now I have grandmothers I would go to if they bake fresh cakes. I had a little book with 370 phone numbers in it, but it just disappeared. However, there were many interesting things in it. I wrote everyone’s number in this. I got married when I was 40, and even then I was single, girls frequented me a lot. I am not ashamed of it. We still feel it at 75, but I’m a good guy, but strangers don’t see it that way anymore

– Remembers Tibor Devini, who made many dreams come true on his show Three Wishes.

I arranged for a boy to meet Maradona. Another little kid just wants to eat a banana because he’s never tasted it before. When I eat, it was a touching moment for me like meeting Maradona

Remember the presenter. He also revealed his three personal wishes:

Health, health, health…

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