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Index – Local – Victor Urban left for London

After the radio, he headed to London. I have all the supplies. Victor Urban writes that an important meeting will follow with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Facebook page.

The Prime Minister left Kossuth’s radio studio for the airport. Viktor Orban provided some epidemiological data on Friday morning: As he said, 25,000 first vaccines and 117,000 second vaccines were given yesterday. The number of people in the hospital without ventilation has fallen to less than a thousand, of whom 121 are on a ventilator. The prime minister spoke a lot about describing the epidemiological data

  • Those who did not request vaccination,
  • About the Indian virus variant,
  • When traveling, including accepting security certificates,
  • Jobs, Economic Restart, 2022 Balancing,
  • On climate protection,
  • About the EU summit,
  • On the fall speech and
  • About Children’s Day.

As we wrote, Foreign Minister Peter Szeggarto arrived in London Thursday night, and posted the minister on his Facebook page. Peter Szijjártó arrived in the British capital to attend the Prime Minister’s meeting and the opening of the Nanushka store.

On Friday morning, Minister Without Portfolio for Families, Catalin Novak, also posted on her community page that she also wrote that she would also be leaving for London, and applying soon.

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