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Index – Local – Zoltan Perولski was hit in the stomach, which he got after his accident

Zoltán Bereczki has been in the spotlight a few times recently. The actor and singer was revealed in February again soon He encounters parental pleasures, And works on Life TV in early April Wake up with one of our hosts. He has gone over eight shows so far, and he feels that he is now in the role, which is also a new challenge for him, as before, viewers on this type of show can only see him as a guest.

“I was invited to the show in relation to the new song, so a very good mood arose. After that, Peter Hajji asked me if I wanted to join the group – the artist explained. I’ve only done that before, and so far I only answered the questions. In the end, I was like him, I have nothing to do for the next six months, it’s worth a try. “

Zoltán Bereczki reached the canal in a somewhat familiar environment, where he had known his colleagues for a long time. He first met Andras Ksunca in the late 1990s, where he uttered one of his songs on his second album. Star with Anita Abel in the star She was working on the production when the hostess jumped into a few shows in place of the then pregnant Claudia Liptai. And Linda Holdampf had been her costume designer for a long time, so it wasn’t necessary to introduce her either. Originally, it could have been paired with Linda anyway for the first time, but they eventually changed this after her two other co-workers had a bigger routine of making the show.

I was going to start with Anita, but she got coronavirus, so I ended up debuting with Band

The artist said, adding that he feels he just needs to fix the conferences a little bit and can sit in front of the cameras with Linda.

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Besides Wake Up With Us, Zoltán Bereczki has no other work now, which is not surprising, because the performers have been in an impossible situation for more than a year due to the pandemic. During the event’s hiatus, theatrical and musical opportunities were reduced to a minimum, so he was unable to work on his career either. Of course, he was playing music at home, and he and his partner, Eva Bata, were already in the mood for their first child arriving together.

Waiting for a child is also a type of preparation as we create the atmosphere that our child will reach.

The artist, who is already an experienced father, said he has a 13-year-old daughter from his previous marriage. “Anyway, when I’m at home, I busy myself with completely normal things, for example, in the afternoon, I bang a lawn mower to fix the yard.”

The actress and singer also talked about how shocked people would react when she made headlines in early April with an accident with her partner on the M7 highway. as it turned out, A bird caused trouble, Which cut the car in front of them, and suddenly the car stopped working. Thankfully, they managed to stop in time, but the other two cars behind them collided with them. The actor says everyone was reacting to the situation as best they could, so no one was in trouble, what happened at most was that the airbags opened. But what happened to the roofs of society after that was severely affected.

I encountered very serious biases in the comment sections. It hit my head that I was racing in a luxury car and definitely didn’t stick to the speed limits while the news was that there was an accident and I’m also a party to it.

– Zoltán Bereczki explained, adding that the vehicle analyzed by commentators was a 16-year-old vehicle. Many also questioned why he had not stayed at home during the pandemic.

I was with those I meet every day and we drove off because I wanted to plant four shrubs in my mom’s garden, but the verdict was immediately passed. I understand the tension, but I’m glad everyone wants to be crucified instantly if something happens to you.

Although people have always been more open to social media, the epidemic and confinement seem to have exacerbated this. The actor also agrees that having a life in an online situation to many in a situation like this can make them even more upset. Due to the constant sitting at home, there is no place to dissipate the excess energy and they are not physically tired, which leads to internal tension. But you don’t want to play the narrator about this, because this is not his region.

Studied to be an actor, I got to the stage. I can really express my opinion on how to choose a piece, for example

Bereczki explained, who, in addition to acting, is also the owner of Butterfly Collector’s production – really when there’s no pause for the action, of course – he also creates stage shows. He says he cut short his business at the time because he had the freedom and sense of mission.

“It is important to me that with Butterfly Collector, I can create pieces that can disperse the seed and at the end of the performance, the audience may have similar ideas like me. How much better it is, for example, if we are not living in a polarized society, but in a society that will listen In it people to each other! There are things that are difficult to talk about, but when a piece hits you and you say it on an emotional level, it makes an impact by penetrating deeper. If I don’t believe in the possibility of change, then I shouldn’t talk about art. ”

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Zoltán Bereczki hopes that there will be a change in many respects with regard to the opening. He feels that if people can finally get rid of the stress accumulated over the past year, everything will be in place.

We are really looking forward to the end of it all. And I’m saying this not only as an artist, but I see the same thing on my little girl. Everyone inhumanly yearns for us in the end to be able to relate to each other and de-escalate tensions. Incidentally, I think freedom, human relationships, and the living word will have more value in the future.

The actor said, adding that last year had its upsides in some ways, such as the fact that those who refused to do so had finally learned to use the videophone. Regardless, he would be very happy to be able to call his friends to fry chicken without remorse.

To talk about that long confinement and de-stress – I think that’s what society really needs. I also miss him so badly.

(Cover photo: Zoltán Bereczki Photo: Tamás Kaszás / Index)

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