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Index – Meanwhile – Pumped Gabo took guests to the MTV EMA Awards

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Hungary

“Budapest can also present itself at one of the most important events in the world of light music,” the government spokesperson wrote before last year’s awards ceremony. Facebook pagewhich regulators then only effectively retained due to the pandemic.

Although this year’s event was precisely in Budapest, which was broadcast in 180 countries with the participation of world stars, it seems that the enthusiasm of Alexandra Centkirale waned for some reason – they did not want to receive posts about the event from the community. (And the stars have revealed themselves. OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder has posted so much about Budapest and praised our capital so many times that we’re all grateful.)

Realizing that the Hungarian Tourism Agency was also involved in organizing the party, it may be strange that the event is no longer so important for Szentkirályi Alexandra, but we are not surprised: the government passed a law against the sexual exploitation of children in the summer, which was organized by the organizers of MTV EMA Absolutely. They didn’t look at it very well, and though they thought about it, they didn’t eventually move the event to another country because they thought

It is important for them to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community.

It is possible that for this reason, the interest of pro-government politicians in the event may have decreased, which is also supported by what Girgili Golias said. on government information on Thursday. The minister in charge of the cabinet made it clear at the time that he considered the party could be used to provoke the government. When asked by a reporter, he also said:

Receiving a LGBTQ ambassador from the European Union at the governmental level is out of the question.

Well, in fact, there were those who publicly expressed their opinions about the position of the government. Marketing expert Jitinder Sedev, who walked the red carpet as a guest at the party, addressed Viktor Urban with a huge engraving on his dress. After many photos of the outfit were taken, the message was passed through the press – and the Prime Minister no doubt got it.

Read on the back of Sehdev’s jacket.


Photo: Kate Green / Getty Images Hungary