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The typical agent and her lover, who is under 20 years old, thought they would develop more separately from each other.

Csaba Kajdi has been getting a lot of questions lately with his partner David (or as mentioned several times, Popifal), so in an Instagram story, he has now poured clear water into the cup and admitted to his followers that their relationship is over, and they broke up after a year and a half.

Two people, if you can be together more than you are alone, then it makes more sense for a couple to be together. If not, then both people may be able to develop better if they are separated. So Bobby and I made a very difficult decision, please, we decided we couldn’t continue this relationship as a couple.

said the modeling agent who relayed the news to his fans in his usual style. He didn’t want to share the exact problems between them, but he did confirm that they were pretty confident that they could stay friends despite what happened.

“The point is that everyone should be happy and have our happiness in mind,” Kajdi concluded.

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