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Index – My Home – Gabby Toth made an exception: she showed her little daughter

Last summer, celebrities also raised a lot of dust Caletta caseAs a result, those who chose not to show their kids on social media anymore as this could pose a risk to the little ones. Among them was Gabe Toth: A. Velvet also mentioned about itIn agreement with the singer’s partner, Gabor Crosses, he decided not to post any other photos of Hanarosa, but rather to delete the photos previously uploaded from his social media pages.

This is why Gabi Tóth’s last post was so surprising. The singer wrote that many people asked to change the decision they made as a family last July. After a long dilemma, they finally came to the conclusion that now they are making a one-time exception and showing their little daughter to the world.

After many long conversations, deliberations, the incomparable love of our fans for our little girl and many of the most famous expansion messages, we decided to make an exception, once on a special day, Mother’s Day, and display it in a joint photo.

– Read the entry.

Hanarosa and her mother will be featured on the front page of the daily issue of Women’s Magazine, for which the singer said she has not received any bonuses. Gaby Toth asserts that she still believes there can be no financial interest for her child.

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