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Index – Offshore – In England, you receive your third vaccination every 50 years

Every Briton over the age of 50 will be offered a third vaccine during the fall to reduce the spread of the epidemic in the island country by Christmas. Britain’s Chief Medical Officer oversees tests aimed at awarding people over the age of 50 A new vaccinationThat actually protects against mutants, or a third dose from a previously received vaccine, the times.

The analyzes so far are very favorable, and we hope that by combining them, the Coronavirus can be completely eradicated. There is also talk that in the fall, members of the at-risk age group will get the third vaccine and the flu shot at the same time, one in one arm and the other in the other arm.

According to a British government official, these solutions can achieve a level of vaccination and protect the population that does not require another vaccination for younger age groups, as the risk of infection will be reduced.

In Britain, 67 million, 34.6 million people have been vaccinated so far, at least the first. To date, the London government has contracted about 510 million vaccines.

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