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Index – Offshore – Submarine service is not a life insurance

But the The Tragedy of the Veterans’ Ship Not the only one in recent decades.

Torpedoes exploded on the Kursk

In northern Europe, seismometers swayed on August 12, 2000, although no earthquakes were reported. It turned out that she was Russian Kursk A torpedo exploded in a submarine, after two minutes, and a torpedo detonated in a chain. The force of the second series of blasts corresponded to the detonation of 3-7 tons of TNR. The majority of the crew of 118 died instantly from the monster, while the 23 survivors found refuge in the hull of the ship.

The explosion was detected on another exercise submarine, Karelia, but was attributed as part of the mission, so the search for Kursk began after only 9 hours. For years, the Russian Navy claimed, without evidence, that its ship had collided with a NATO submarine. It was only after the remnants of the Kursk were identified that the true causes of the disaster were brought to light. Then it was revealed that 23 survivors were slowly suffocating due to lack of oxygen.

While boarding, the fishing boat sank

A US Navy spokesman acknowledged that civilians were in control of the Grenville nuclear submarine, which collided with the trawler Ehime Maru as it was boarding on February 10, 2001. The Japanese ship SankTwenty-six of the trainees and workers of the Shooting School were rescued and nine disappeared. Upon stepping back, it was also revealed that the submarine captain was not carefully examining what was happening on the surface either on sonar or binoculars during ascent.

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Push the limits

In 2002, the American city of Oklahoma collided with a tanker in the Strait of Gibraltar. The collision only damaged the scope and steering structure, which was repaired in Sardinia.

In the same month, November, British company Trafalgar puts well-defined coral reefs on the map. On the British submarine a student stood on the command bridge. Three were injured, with an estimated £ 5 million in material damage.

A few months later, in February 2003, Australian Dechaineux pushed the limits for diving. I shouldn’t be. Water seeped into the hull of the ship. It was later calculated that if this depth remained for 20 seconds longer, the mass of gushing water would sink him forever, but the crew fortunately survived at the last minute.

Ming was left without oxygen

The 70-man Chinese Ming-361 crew sank in May 2003. When the submarine batteries were running out, the ship floated to the surface. Then I opened the oxygen valves to power the diesel engines that charge the batteries. However, water flowed into the valve. The anti-flood system closed the valves automatically and the engines sucked air out of the crew. The submarine did not have a lack of oxygen warning system, so they all lost their lives.

The Russian K-159 that was disposed of in November 2003 sank while being towed to a scrapyard. Nine out of every 10 crew members are missing.

A submarine entangled in a fishing net

The Chicotimene fire broke out in Canada in October 2004. One of the duty officers suffered after being taken to hospital.

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In January 2005, San Francisco, USA, collided with an underwater rock at a top speed of approximately 46 km / h, 560 km south of the Guam base. One of the mechanics died in the collision.

The Russian AS-28 near Kamchatka, underwater, was entangled in fishing nets or cables for the antenna system in 2005. It was rescued with international assistance.

A fire broke out in 2006 on the Russian ship Daniel Moskovsky. Two died.

Four members of the American Minneapolis St Paul crew were washed away from the deck by the waves in 2006. The lives of two officers could not be saved. Submarine captain was transferred to office work.

In 2007, two people were killed in an explosion at British Wireless.

At least twenty submarines sank in 2008 on a Russian K-152 submarine due to a gas leak. The submarine has been chartered by the Indian Navy since 2011 and travels the seas under the name Chakra.


Miami, USA, broke out during regular maintenance. It was later revealed that a mechanic had set her on fire to have a day off. However, the fire was so widespread that the Navy said it was no longer worth fixing. He completed his career at the site of the Miami Wreck.

Montpellier, also an American telescope, and the San Jacinto cruiser off the coast of Florida due to human error has crashed. No one is hurt.

The Indian sondurakshak was not so lucky. The Russian-made submarine sank in shallow waters after a series of explosions 18 people died.

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And 15 Russian Tomsk crew were injured while the submarine participating in the repair was welded and sparks from the fire caused a fire. A similar accident occurred two years later, in 2015 one Also on another Russian nuclear submarine.

He sank his submarine to hide the crime

Citing unnamed officials, CNN reported that in 2016, a North Korean submarine disappeared in the Sea of ​​Japan.

A large port was moved by the sinking of the small, privately-owned Danish submarine, Nautilus, on August 11, 2017. Investigators say its owner, Peter Madsen, tried to do so. To hide Effects of the brutal murder of journalist Kim Wall. Madsen later Sentenced to life imprisonment.

Also in 2017, the Argentine San Juan disappeared without a trace. Its wrecks were found exactly one year later, on November 16, 2018, at a depth of 907 meters. The crew is all prof 44 members died.

A Russian media report, on July 1, 2019, stated that a caliber submarine LosaricA crew of fourteen died.

The Ministry of Defense confirmed what had happened. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the tragic accident as a “great loss,” adding that among the dead were two captains who had previously been awarded the Russian Hero Award.

(Cover photo: Russia’s Kursk nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea. Photo: Oleg Nikishin / Newsmakers / Getty Images)

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