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Index – Offshore – The epidemic is becoming more deadly

3,689 people have died in India from the Coronavirus, a negative record, according to MTI.

It is the fourth day in a row that more than 3,000 people have died of Covid-19 from a virus called SARS-CoV-2. The epidemic has so far caused a total of 215,542 deaths in India.

Meanwhile, 392,488 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours, bringing the number to 19.5 million since the outbreak began. India on Saturday became the first country to have the number of new cases surpassed 400,000.

The country saw more than 300,000 new infections over the tenth day.

The health care system is overburdened, and medical hypoxia is a serious challenge. The India Times newspaper wrote that 34 patients died in hospitals in the capital, New Delhi, and the states of Andhra Pradesh and Haryana, due to lack of oxygen.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting to discuss measures taken due to the unprecedented outbreak of the epidemic.

In India, another vaccination campaign began on Saturday, this time vaccinating every citizen over the age of 18, but only a few states have been able to introduce the vaccine amid the vaccine shortage. The government said only 86,000 new patients could have been vaccinated.

Restrictions have been imposed in nearly ten Indian states, and the federal government has not introduced a national quarantine. On Sunday, the Indian Express reported that COVID-19 crisis workers have advised the federal government about a national quarantine order. Narenda Modi said in April that every effort should be made to avoid quarantine.

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In addition to the pandemic, the government also fears the devastating effects of lockdowns on the economy. Many lost their jobs due to the bailout request during the first wave of last year, with economic performance down 24 percent between April and June 2020 compared to the same period last year.