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INDEX – OUTDOOR – Christmas turned ugly, celebrity bitten cop

Alicia Kosnu fell ill from the alcohol she drank while celebrating her 19th birthday, so her mother and two friends tried to put her in a car in downtown Edinburgh when the police stopped and offered to help, he writes. Daily Star.

The mother told them that the girl drank a lot of alcohol, lay on the sidewalk and complained of breathing difficulties, so they called an ambulance. But before the paramedics arrived, the girl’s condition suddenly began to improve, and when the ambulance finally arrived, she refused to let them examine her. Next, he started kicking one of the policemen and then biting the other on the arm when he tried to catch him. The policeman’s arm began to bleed from the bite.

Alicia Kosnu was eventually taken to the hospital, but she screamed incessantly at the police and then at the hospital staff. The young woman responded in court exactly one year later to what had happened, on her twentieth birthday. He did not deny anything, said that he did not remember what happened due to the amount of alcohol, but was sure that he could not bite the policeman’s arm with such force because his mother’s hand was in front of his mouth.

The trial will continue next month.

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