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Anger was erupted in the Netherlands by a 10,000-person test group that had been scheduled to take place on Saturday to determine how safe such large-scale events are during the coronavirus outbreak.

Doctors, nurses, caterers and researchers called for the event to be canceled. MTI stated that the call they initiated has already been signed by more than 350,000 people.

The popular Radio 538 is licensed to host the event in Breda in the south of the country as part of the Fieldlab research program on the safe management of an event. To date, conferences, theater performances, football matches and pop concerts have been held in this program. Participants were asked to show a negative coronavirus test and their behavior was observed during these events.

Although the event is being staged for research purposes, doctors were angered by the initiative. They stressed that “organizing a party for ten thousand people 400 meters from a hospital full of people with Covid-19 disease is a slap in the face for patients and hospital staff.”

Scientists have also questioned the scientific benefits of such research. Politicians drew attention to the impossibility of controlling thousands of parties. The local government will decide on Monday evening whether they can hold the event.

In the Netherlands, there have been strict restrictions since mid-December to stop the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, but case numbers remain high and hospitals and intensive care units are overburdened. The number of infected people per 100,000 people has recently reached nearly 300 people per week.

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