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Index – Outside – Gabor Sacher: It is not just a nail cutting method that can break a person

a Imprisoned Alexei Navalny The health of a Russian opposition politician is deteriorating rapidly and “at any moment.” He could dieSaeed, 44, is an opposition activist and politician, a doctor. According to Yaroslav Achimen, test results from the Navalny family show that the potassium level in the imprisoned politician is dangerously high. Navalny initially complained of back pain and said he was starting to feel his legs, so he asked his doctors to examine what the Russian authorities had refused, so he went on a hunger strike.

Upon hearing the news, the question arises: How long can the human body withstand starvation? We turned to toxicologist Gabor Sacher for the answers.

How long can a healthy person endure a hunger strike?

Navalny was treated in Germany after her poisoning in Russia, but to this day we do not know exactly about the poisons, For beginners prof A precise mechanism of action, and the treatment was just a form of symptomatic treatment. This is really a health defect for him. An already weak body, when not eating, begins to break down its muscles, because in reality it will use protein as a nutrient and then fat. This means, for example, that a healthy person can tolerate 30-35 days without food.

How can proper fluid intake help this condition?

It is a matter of how much fluid you can replace. Let’s say trace elements, because if you drink only water, then it does not necessarily contain all the nutrients important for the functioning of the human body. But if he’s drinking isotonic sports drinks I don’t think they can help him.

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Your doctors say your potassium levels are too high. Does this really indicate that you may need urgent medical intervention?

High potassium levels can lead to arrhythmias and sudden cardiac arrest. It is enough to believe that in America, when a toxin injection is given to a person sentenced to death, one of the components of the injection is potassium. But of course, how high are your potassium levels, we can’t tell, since we haven’t seen any lab results on this, so we’ve just heard leaked information. These things can be appreciated professionally, but they should not be taken for granted, until one finds evidence of this.

If Navalny stops the hunger strike, how long will recovery take? Can the body regenerate without irreversible damage afterward?

Basically, yes, it can regenerate, but it’s a slow process, as let’s just think of the fact that at the time the concentration camps were liberated at the end of WWII, people were found in incredibly degraded condition. They were slowly brought to their feet, and gradually fed. If these people suddenly started eating or drinking large amounts of food, this would put a strain on the body so much that they could die in it.

Now we’re experiencing this around us, too. In patients with poor general condition who have been ventilated for a long time by a machine, recovery may take up to a month. The patient’s weak muscles must be strengthened and he needs to learn to walk again, which could mean a very long rehabilitation process.

Behind this, there may be psychological damage that one might suffer. In a situation like this, I think here of the people who went to the concentration camp, who would never forget the weeks, months and years they spent in the camp, even if they survived. Navalny could go through a similar situation.

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Mentally or physically, is there a hunger strike period that you can no longer tolerate mentally or even memory loss?

Of course, this could be the case, not to mention that in addition to a person hitting a hunger strike, there are other quotation techniques that can be used against or against him that can aid him with his psychological breakdown. Either by constantly playing music or not allowing sleep with sleep deprivation. In this case, hallucinations can appear even after 2-3-4 days.

The techniques that can be used to blackmail someone’s testimony or force a change of mind are very widespread. We don’t necessarily have to think that our groomsmen constantly complain about him, as they have already reached master’s level in many places of psychological torture. In many countries there are “professionals” who can hone a person’s psyche to the fullest.

This is not at all sure of the feasibility of a goal, can a hunger strike be effective?

Yes, has he reached the point of being able to go on hunger strike for days at all, or is he in the meantime so mentally broken that he’s already suffering from hallucinations.

In this case, can the patient ever indicate that he will abandon the strike, or can he reach the point where he no longer has contact with the outside world?

Your relationship with the outside world may be lost or completely transformed when you hallucinate, and see a series of things that don’t actually happen to him. And if he’s kept in the dark, the rhythm of waking up and falling asleep can change in an incredible way. Neither days nor nights. This means that there are many ways to confuse the soul, not always with fists. The methods of “nail biting” torture can be those that break a person.

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(Cover photo: Gabor Zakher Photo: István Huszti / Index)