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Index – Outside – Killer Lake may disappear, now they are trying to save it

In Romania, by clearing existing settlers and building new dams, they are trying to prevent sediment from streams from entering Lake Keeler in Zicklerland and causing the lake to fill up, MTI reports.

Romania’s Minister of Environment, Water and Forests Barna Tankzos said at a press conference on the shores of Lake Keller on Friday that work to save the lake had begun. He noted that the settlers of the water flowing into the lake had not been cleared for twenty years, it had filled up, and now the sediments could enter the lake unimpeded.

He added that the removal of sediment accumulated behind the dams has begun, but that does not solve the problem of recharging Lake Keeler. New dams will be needed, the creation of which will be financed by the European Union’s Reconstruction Fund.

Earlier, the director of the Bekas Gorge – Nagyhagymas National Park, Barna Hegi, spoke in a video interview on the side of Új Magyar Szó about the fact that the lake will be filled with washed away mud in fifty to eighty years. He believed that this process could be slowed down by building alluvial dams.

Keeler Lake was formed in the summer of 1837, when debris from the mudflats of Keeler Stone Hill piled up on the side of Keeler Stone Hill and was swept into the ravine by rain and blocked the flow of four streams. The naturally formed lake of more than 11 hectares extends 983 meters above sea level. Under the water mirror, tree trunks were preserved in the flooded forest.

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