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INDEX – OUTSIDE – Nearly sixty years of California drought obscurity can be solved حل

MTI wrote on the BBC’s news portal that the plane, which has been missing for more than 50 years, may have exited a lake that dried up due to a severe drought in California.

Last week’s discovery may reveal a mystery they’ve been trying to unravel for a long time. Description of the wreck Fits a Piper Comanche 250 wreck, which disappeared in 1965, on New Year’s Day.

Test equipment from Seafloor Systems’ underwater research company discovered the perfectly intact aircraft at one of the deepest points on the bottom of Lake Folsom near Sacramento.

In the 1965 plane crash, four people were killed, including the pilot. His body was found and its passengers failed, although they were searched until 2014. Company employees first discovered the mysterious object with a sonar instrument.

I saw something abnormal

Tyler Atkinson, a company employee, explained to KOVR. A closer look revealed that a plane had been found. The very low water level in the lake allowed the team to take easy pictures of the machine’s propeller and landing gear.

The local mayor’s office will decide whether to receive the plane and no investigation will take place.

The water level in Lake Folsom is currently only 38 percent of the average due to the state’s historic drought. Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency in 41 of 58 counties last week due to drought.

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