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Index – outside – went in a green forest, and found a sex bomb

A runner who stumbled upon a WWII grenade in the woods near Passau, Bavaria, at least he thought so because he challenged the local firefighters.

There would be nothing special about this, as WWII ammunition and explosives are still present in Germany to this day. But departing firefighters found that the grenade found in the bag was a plastic toy. On the other hand, they raised doubts about the purpose of using the plastic grenade in which the lubricant and condoms were also discovered in the bag, he writes. AP.

It was also assumed that the grenade was not made for war games but for other types of games.

An internet search confirmed the suspicion. There are really sex toys in the form of a grenade

The police clarified a point at the end of the investigation.

One can easily think of a case as a file gegvideoWhere locals found a special double-headed mushroom underground in a village in central Shaanxi Province, China. A local TV also reported on the special discovery, but people on the Internet quickly highlighted the truth: No double-headed fungus was found, but a two-fold sexual aid was found.

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