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Index – Overseas – A police officer shot a sixteen-year-old African American girl in Columbus, Ohio

Authorities reported that a police officer shot a 16-year-old African American girl in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday after receiving a report of an attempted delay at a family home.

The Ohio case occurred late on Tuesday afternoon local time, about half an hour before a Minneapolis jury heard all the charges. guilty Derek Chauvin was a former police officer in the Floyd case. On May 25 last year, during a police operation, Chauvin knelt for minutes on the neck of George Floyd, an African American, causing the man’s death.

Columbus police arrived at a house to get a report and ran into a mess. A video clip recorded at a police press conference shows several people in front of the building and a young girl brandishing a knife for two. A police officer shot the attacker. The girl was taken to hospital, where she died of her wounds.

After the accident, protests were organized in many streets of Columbus.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginter suggested staying calm. He said, based on the recording, the policeman opened fire to protect another girl. The police have opened an investigation.

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