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Index – Overseas – Black Sea incident analyzed by British crew, documents retrieved from bus station

Someone left the British Ministry of Defense documents containing classified information at a bus station in Kent BBC. Part of the document relates to the incident Wednesday, when a Russian warship fired a warning shot at a British destroyer ship in the Black Sea near Crimea.

British Ministry of Defense officials outlined scenarios for the Russian side’s response if the British warship passed near the Crimea.

The other set of papers discusses the UK’s potential military presence in Afghanistan after the end of the US-led NATO presence.

The British government said an investigation had been launched into the matter.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense informed the public that a Ministry of Defense employee reported the loss of sensitive documents. he added:

As long as the test goes on, there is no need to guess.

The nearly 50-page document was found among a wet pile of rubbish behind a bus stop in Kent, southeast England, early on Thursday morning.

The documents consist of emails and PowerPoint presentations, and the authors are senior officials of the Department of Defense.

One of those who found the documents informed the BBC and handed over the documents.

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