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Index – Overseas – Boris Johnson wants to go to the pub and loosen UK restrictions

The British government announced on Monday that all British citizens would be tested twice a week for the corona virus test to prevent a recurrence of the number of cases. Request free trials by mail from pharmacies and employers on Fridays, writes AP News.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that non-essential shops and service providers (hairdressers, gyms) would be open in the UK and that local consumption would be allowed on the terraces of catering units.

Exit control will also be removed.

Funeral services for a maximum of 30 people are allowed. Other celebrations and meetings, including weddings, are legal for up to 15 people.

I go to a pub on Mondays

The Prime Minister announced his plans on April 12.

According to the government, there is no plan to lift the entry ban before May 12.

With vaccine IDs, you can go to competitions and evening shows with corona virus testing.

The UK has recorded nearly 127,000 deaths since the outbreak, but the number of daily infections and deaths has dropped significantly since the restrictions were introduced and the vaccine began.

To date, 31 million Britons have received the first dose of the corona virus vaccine, representing an average of six out of 10 In the island nation.

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