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Index – overseas – Britain fears food shortages may actually ease post-Brexit border controls

The United Kingdom left the European Union a little more than two months ago, but the British government is already considering easing its plans to control tariffs on goods from the European Union, including food. London fears that the new rules, which will come into effect on April 1, could cause further disruption to trade and lead to severe food shortages in British supermarkets.

a guardian According to Article 1, Brexit Secretary David Frost will already facilitate the planned tightening of full customs controls, in particular physical checks, which will come into effect from 1 July.

Downing Street confirmed this Saturday evening

Lord Frost ordered “a review of the regulatory agenda to ensure that undue burdens are not imposed on business”.

But he added that the process is still in the beginning, and a substantive decision has not yet been made.

In light of the fact that post-Brexit trade regulations have been hit hard by British companies exporting to the EU, London fears that tighter controls on European exports to the UK could lead to shortages in the island nation, particularly of food.

According to a source in the Guardian, this is also a problem

The British side does not yet have the right infrastructure and personnel to make customs controls run smoothly, especially when stricter rules come into force.

It is currently planned that from 1 April all imports of European products of animal and plant origin into the UK will require a complete product file and, in some cases, a veterinary certificate.

From 1 July, a customs declaration can only be exported to the island nation, and shipments can be subjected to physical examination by British customs authorities.

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