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Index – Overseas – China is already capable of measuring a nuclear strike on the United States

China’s latest nuclear submarines are equipped with long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching even the mainland of the United States, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMPWith reference to a military source.

The two Jin-Class 094A submarines entered service last year after their predecessor, Type 094, underwent some upgrades to accommodate ballistic missiles launched from the JL-3 or Julang (Chulang – Big Wave) submarine, the source of SCMP. .

As the SCMP source says: Before development, submarines were inferior, roughly. They are equipped with a JL-2 with a range of 7000 km, which covers the strike capacity only in the northeastern United States, but the JL-3 already covers the entire country.

The JL-3 missile has a range of 10,000 km and can carry more explosive charges, even nuclear charges.

According to the Hong Kong newspaper, the JL-3, like its predecessor, fell 67 times more powerful than the little boy’s fall on Hiroshima, with smaller self-propelled, even nuclear, warheads capable of simultaneously spreading against multiple targets (Merv) Can be installed.

although ForbesAccording to a previous paper on the topic, for Chinese submarines to be in the Pacific range, they must slide easily across the United States-based defense regions and islands, which include U.S. bases and islands. A chain of islands. The working paper wrote that the annoying Chinese submarines would be detected relatively quickly by acoustic radars.

However, the military source, as well as Admiral Ma Fiming, said that the advanced submarines, the Type 094As, were no longer so “noisy” that they could infiltrate the “firing range” against US land targets.

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The other experts who have told the SCMP have not confirmed that China’s modern ballistic missile submarines are equipped with the country’s most advanced ballistic missiles.