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Index – Overseas – Chinese marathon runners owe their lives to a shepherd

Zhu Keming saved the lives of six runners in the Ultramarathon by providing them shelter in the 100 km mountainous terrain. Sentence or sentence In front of a cave.

Chu was tending his sheep when the weather suddenly changed and the hail, cold rain and windstorms rushed to the high section of the race in a nature reserve near Bajin, Kansu Province, and thus to the race participants.

The shepherd set up shelter in a small cave nearby, which was filled with food and other supplies, just for such cases. He also pulled back there and noticed a feud with the passage of time. He said he invited the athlete from the life-threatening situation to the cave, massaged his hands and feet, and then lit the fire, the writer said. BBC.

Four other marathon runners hit the cave. Among them, Chu knew that many people were stranded outside, so in defiance of the storm, the shepherd set off in search of them and managed to save another man.

Finally, Chu housed three runners and three ladies to safety, which he described as “doing a very average job as a normal person.” However, there were those who could no longer help. He found two other runners on the rescue, but soon discovered that life was out of them, and he couldn’t do anything about them.

In the tragedy, 21 passengers lost their lives.

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