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Index – Overseas – Coronavirus in the world – Friday News Summary

A series of celebrations that last three days from Friday to Sunday in honor of the victims of the Coronavirus epidemic in Germany.

The initiative was launched by President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who called on people in his country to do so

As a sign of sympathy for death victims from illness and related relatives, place a candle or other light of light on your behalf.

On Friday, all county heads of government asked residents to join the initiative. According to a joint statement issued by 16 politicians, “the entire country is in grave crisis” and in this case “it is important to stand for a moment” in order to “realize that we have lost everything” and at the same time “gain strength and hope”.

It was highlighted that many “beloved, esteemed relatives, grandparents, parents and partners, as well as friends, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues” were snatched away by the epidemic, and it is right to “share the grief of the affected citizens directly.”

A memorial will also be held on Sunday at the federal level in Berlin.

With the participation of dignitaries of the public, an ecumenical service takes place first in one of the capital’s most famous churches, the former Emperor William Memorial Church in West Berlin, and then a short memorial ceremony in the Konzerthaus concert hall in the historic city-center.

As of SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19), 79,628 deaths were recorded on Friday in 83.1 million countries, according to the Robert Koch Institute of Public Health (RKI). The number of registered injured reached 3099273.

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