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The mayor of Wałbrzych in western Poland, who received threats after the local government vaccinated against the Coronavirus, received police protection Friday.

At the end of April, the municipality of Weberzice, which has a population of about 113,000, voted

Vaccination will be mandatory for all city residents and workers.

The decision, which is still awaiting approval from the competent Vojvodina office, was taken on the initiative of the local mayor, Doctor Roman Zelemij. He justified the measure on the grounds that he wanted to get more local residents, as well as more Poles in general, to consider the importance of vaccination.

The decision resulted in a number of hate and threatening messages to Selemei’s email address and community account, which led to the account being suspended, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office in W inbrzych told PAP.

Opponents of compulsory vaccination also staged a demonstration in front of Salimai’s home on Monday. Regarding the threats, the mayor’s office filed a police report and Szelmej asked for police protection, which he said he received.

Head of the Polish Prime Minister’s Office, MicahŁ According to Dworczyk, WAŁBrzych municipality did not consult with the government on the initiative. Vaccination is voluntary under Polish epidemic management legislation.

According to a ruling issued by the European Court of Human Rights in early April, vaccinations can be made mandatory in a democratic society. The decision does not depend on vaccination against Covid-19, but based on the demand of Czech born families for compulsory vaccinations, but according to some interpretations confirm the possibility of making vaccination mandatory in the current epidemic.

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Robert Flesick, a member of the Medical Council alongside the Polish government, called the name W.ŁBerzeesh decision. However, another councilor, Anna Picarska, recently raised the issue:

Pay for Covid-19 treatment should be paid to those who do not vaccinate themselves.

Piekarska’s idea was rejected by 54 percent of respondents in a poll for the daily newspaper Rzeczpospolita, while 23 percent supported it. The According to a survey published Friday on a German-owned news portal in Poland, 55 percent of Poles who have not yet been vaccinated would like to receive the vaccine.

According to data from the Polish Ministry of Health on Friday, more than 12.6 million vaccines have been given so far, and more than 3.3 million of about 31 million adults, i.e. Poles eligible to be vaccinated, have already received a full dose of vaccination. .

Health Minister Adam Niedzelski said in an interview Thursday night that, including those who were vaccinated and recovered, about 50 percent of Polish society developed antibodies to Covid-19, and within two months, protection could develop 60-70% of a swarm from Immunity.

The epidemic is currently slowing in Poland, so further restrictions will be lifted from Saturday, with hotels opening up to 50 percent, MTI said.