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Index – Overseas – Coronavirus in the world – Index international news summary on Tuesday

According to Dr. Main field.

The expert, who is also from the Social Democratic Party, said that if the vaccine rate in Romania is not increased to at least 40 percent by the fall, a fourth wave could occur, as those who will not be vaccinated will first catch the virus and then get sick and transmit it. the disease.

According to Ravilla, it is conceivable that the new wave will be less severe, given the fact that part of the population has already been vaccinated. However, a more aggressive epidemic also cannot be ruled out, because a more dangerous mutation may appear.

Regarding the current situation, he also added that the Romanian government is using “optimistic communication, hurray,” which contributed to the fact that many unvaccinated people believe that their lives have returned to normal, and for this reason they do not need to be vaccinated.

Alexandru Ravella also stated that it is not worth setting specific numbers for the vaccination process, simply everything must be done to maintain the level, and that this will require the participation of local authorities in rural areas.

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