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Index – Overseas – Dumbledore tax has been abolished in the UK

The 5 per cent tax on menstrual products – the dumbass tax – has been abolished in the UK from January 1.

Until the end of 2020, the UK had a 5 per cent VAT on health products, including tampons and sanitary napkins. This is, at a minimum, required by EU law for EU member states. Because the English are now in legal and practical terms Left the EU, This rule no longer applies to them, so it was removed from today – it turns out From a BBC article.

It has come a long way, but it has been achieved that health products should not be considered a luxury item.

Felicia Willow, director of the Basset Society’s Women’s Rights Charity, said in the study.

In March, the British decided to abolish the tax on menstrual products. The UK Treasury estimates that the average British woman can save about £ 40 in her lifetime. Under the current decision, the 20-piece tampon will be 7 pence cheaper and the 12-piece pad 5 pence cheaper. The article also recalls that various women’s rights organizations and activists in the UK have been fighting for this since 2001.

An attempt has already been made in Hungary to eradicate this, which is being done at the political level Supports LMP Last year. Scotland announced at the end of November that it would not reduce taxes, but would provide tampons and deposits straight to anyone in need.

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