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Index – overseas – Researchers have reported good news about the effectiveness of the vaccine

It turns out that even months after contracting the infection, the chances of someone dying from complications from the Coronavirus are high. nature From the most recent study in the journal.

According to the literature, people who survive the disease still have a 59% risk of death six months after infection.

According to research, there are 8 post-infection deaths per 1,000 patients, and it is associated with its complications.

This is because coronavirus survivors are often diagnosed with thrombosis, stroke, diabetes, difficulty breathing, heart, liver or kidney damage, depression, anxiety, and memory loss in the months following the illness.

Research leaders say these complications are more likely to develop after an infection than, for example, the flu.

US researchers used data from a total of 73,435 patients who did not need hospital treatment for the virus and 13,654 individuals who did. Analyzing their data, they concluded that those who contracted the disease were more likely to be forced to see a doctor with the aforementioned problems than those who avoided the infection.

Additionally, researchers believe that people with long-term complications from the Coronavirus are also more likely to use antidepressants and pain relievers, and are more likely to overdose or commit suicide.

Therefore, scientists recommend that health authorities try to use comprehensive and multidisciplinary programs to prevent the coronavirus from taking more victims even after the course of the disease.

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