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Index – Overseas – Test matches can get the green light on Monday in the UK

Easter Monday in the UK could start with good news as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce a return to normal cycling in mid-April, a test run to reopen mass events.

‘Rehearsals’ not yet announced but aired in British newspapers at Wembley Stadium and Liverpool, BBC and Skynews.

At Wembley, Leicester City and Southampton will play in the FA (Football Club Challenge Cup) semi-finals on April 18, while Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will play in the Karachi Cup final on April 25 and finally on May 15. The FA Cup final was held.

The matches will be open goalkeepers, so they can be visited by those who have already been vaccinated and they can also prove the vaccine passports that will be introduced soon.

The British government wants to see if the vaccine works and if it can be vaccinated before the summer. Restart Mass events.

Liverpool Other test terrain. In the northwestern UK city, visitors will be allowed in and out of four cultural and business events with a corona virus test. Here’s a look at what steps can be taken to restart mass events. Skynews writes that they will focus on ventilation and pre-designated entry and exit points.

In addition, two more events received a test feature: the World Snooker Championship in Sheffield at the end of April and the running event in Hertfordshire.

The British effort is nothing new, among other things கற்றலான் They are about to start mass events.

Target countries will be classified into three colors based on their infection rate and vaccine, red, yellow and green. That is not to say that there is no need to isolate British tourists traveling to and from green countries.

However, for the time being the British government insists that no one should book accommodation abroad.

What will happen from this will be revealed in Boris Johnson’s announcement.