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Index – Overseas – UK is considering changing Northern Ireland protocol

A bill to reform ethics in Northern Ireland has been outlined by the British government. The Northern Ireland Protocol is the protocol for the UK’s Exit from the European Union (Brexit), which states that from January 1, 2021, Britain and Northern Ireland will be subject to various rules. The island’s inner border to maintain the Irish situation, i.e. the uncontrolled operation of the Irish-Northern border.

According to the draft, the protocol causes problems in four key areas of Northern Ireland: it makes democratic governance difficult, compels laborious customs procedures, makes its regulatory system inflexible and has tax and budget contradictions. Euronews.

According to the United Kingdom government, this is the reason for the trade blockade in Northern Ireland, which is somewhat diverted and imposes significant costs and bureaucratic burdens on businesses.

The EU has previously indicated that arbitrary change in the code would violate international law, and now EU Vice President Maroš Šefčovič has responded that a review of the code is unreliable.

“No viable alternative has been found. Any renegotiation will only create additional legal uncertainty for the people and businesses of Northern Ireland, so the EU has not reconsidered the protocol,” Shefkovich said.

In a Twitter message, British Foreign Secretary Lis Truss called for talks between the United Kingdom and the European Union on Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin.

We do not accept the position of the British government and some ministers that the EU will not bend. This is not the case. The union is very active in resolving ethical issues.

Said the Prime Minister of Ireland.

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