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Index – science – an asteroid the size of a giraffe passing by Earth, broadcast live

Thanks to the Virtual Telescope Project (VTP) live broadcast, anyone can watch the asteroid’s pass from 11 p.m. Asteroid 2022 NF was discovered on July 4 by the Pan-STARRS Astronomical Survey in Hawaii.

The asteroid is about 7 meters in diameter, although it can be as large as 12 meters. At the earliest, NF will approach Earth by about 89,300 km, which is very close, according to NASA.

“We have to find the asteroids before they find us.”

NASA discovers more than 1,500 new near-Earth objects each year. According to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Monitoring (CNEOS), 90 percent of near-Earth objects longer than one kilometer have already been tracked, so it’s now focused on tracking objects over 140 meters in height. He writes that the fact that they are able to track an asteroid less than ten meters in diameter is a big step forward. IFLScience.

They spend a lot of time and energy tracking down space rocks, because the more we know, the better we can prepare in one case, look no further! A scenario similar to the movie will await us. A ‘potentially dangerous’ asteroid thought to collide with Earth in 2052 has been removed from the list of global threats thanks to further observations.

There are currently no known objects in orbit that would destroy Earth. As NASA says, “To protect the planet, we must find asteroids before they find us.”

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