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Index – Science – Anyone can now watch the wonders of the night sky

The project was started by two astronomers from Szeged, Dr. It was started two years ago by Barnabas Barna (Sieged University employee, Csillagvíszáló blog editor) and Andras Ordasi (independent astronomer, science communicator, and creative director for the Chilagász brand) in order to demonstrate the wonders of heaven. Ordinary as well, creating a link between viewing sites and amateur astronomers. We can’t even imagine how many people spy in the sky as a hobby, but are obsessed with brilliant stars and celestial bodies, or hopefully alien civilizations. And those lonely amateurs can find companions at this time, in the first week of August, at least in the Internet space – from Enying to Barcs, and from Fót to Pest.

In a high-rise building, in the gardens

25 sites 2 years ago join, last year there were already 50, and this year they will exceed that: 60 teams, 85 locations and 140 programs are waiting for those interested. The number of amateur Hungarian astronomers is estimated at at least 5,000, and at the beginning of August, large planetariums also began to call them: the Svábhegy Observatory, the Bannon Observatory, the Bükki Observatory, the Baja Observatory, the Szeged observatory. Perhaps the most interesting is the top House in Szolnok A team of hobbyists gather at the top, surveying the skies with professional binoculars in a true community experience, and anyone can join them.

There are queues for the event in parks (Zselici Star Park, Hortobágy National Park) and libraries (Békés County Library, Szentes Library). In the latter, interested parties are welcomed with lectures, exams and binoculars, while the Zsolnay neighborhood of Pécs prepares for planetarium shows. Permanent partners of the event are Cepheus Amateur Astronomical Society, SkyGrót Astronomical Society and Friends of Csallóközi Észlelenok, who joined across the border.

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shooting star

In the opening of the program series on August 4, which was held at the Svábhegy Star Observatory, the organizers also discussed how someone can become an amateur astronomer if they are deeply interested in the phenomena of the sky. Several websites (, Űkutatás Magyarul cásnálo, urvilá, podcasts and news sites can help those who want to dig deeper ( So rather than buying an expensive telescope, it might be better to do the research and build relationships within the astronomy community first.

The main organizers of the ten-day program (the Research Center for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, the Svábhegy Observatory, the Hungarian Astronomical Society, the Budapest Telescope Center) are waiting for requests from all associations, observatories, circles of friends, amateurs and research astronomers who wish to organize astronomical performances, even observations of a telescope or a common meteor.

In the meantime, let’s spy the sky for a week under the stars!

More information about the programs is available on the interactive map below:

(Cover image: a meteor in the sky over a tree near Salgótarján on August 13, 2019. Photo: Péter Komka/MTI)