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INDEX – SCIENCE – Birds nest in plastic everywhere, they do not escape global waste production

Images from around the world have been submitted to the Birds and Debris Project online. Scientists leading the project say the birds are trapped or nesting in everything from ropes and fishing line to balloons to masks and slippers.

In nearly a quarter of the photos, the birds were surrounded or entangled in disposable face masks.

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The focus of the project is to monitor the impact of waste, especially plastic pollution, on bird life.

Basically, if the bird is building a nest out of long fibrous materials such as seaweed, twigs or reeds, there is a good chance that there is plastic waste somewhere in the nest.

– Alex Bond, an employee at the Natural History Museum in London and a co-researcher on the project, said.

The goal of the project, which began four years ago, is to draw attention to the problem of the spread of plastic waste in the environment.

If we start looking for trash, we’ll see it everywhere. We’ve covered the huge geographical scope – reports from Japan, Australia, Sri Lanka, UK and North America – it’s a really global problem.

researcher said.

The researchers want to highlight a systemic problem that causes a lot of trash to enter the environment. Justin Amendolia is a senior researcher at Dalhousie University in Canada BBCHe said the extent of the impact on species around the world is devastating.

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