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Index – science – extraterrestrial celestial body has been identified, some extracts from a classified document

The last time a celestial body appeared near Earth was on April 1. The fireball in question, which burned over Papua New Guinea in 2014, was actually a fast-moving object from another star system, according to a recent observation from the US Space Command (USSC). live sciences Note.

The small meteorite, which is only 0.45 meters in diameter, entered Earth’s atmosphere on January 8, 2014, after racing through space at speeds of more than 210,000 kilometers per hour — well above the average speed of meteorites orbiting the solar system, according to the arXiv base Prepress data on object 2019 study.

According to the 2019 study cited above, the velocity and orbit of the small meteor nearly 100 percent prove that the object originated far from our solar system — perhaps “from the depths of a planetary system or from a star in a thick disk of the Milky Way.”

Despite the possible correct result, the team’s study was never published in a scientific journal because some of the data needed to verify their calculations was classified as classified by the US government. vice.

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