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INDEX – SCIENCE – Primitive forest with forty meters of trees found in China

Cave researchers in southern China’s Guangxi region alarmed scientists when they found a hole in which they found a primeval forest. It is the largest sink hole in Lie County with a length of 306 meters, width 150 meters, and depth of 192 meters.

There are three caves in the stream wall and a primeval forest in good condition at the bottom, said Zhang Yuanhai, chief engineer with the Institute of Carstology of the China Geological Survey.

A shoulder length tree covers the pelvic floor

Scientists walk for hours to reach the bottom of the stream to see what it hides. Qin Lixin, the expedition leader, said that in addition to the trees, there was a dense bush at the bottom of the stream reaching up to the man’s shoulder, he wrote. guardian.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that there are species in these caves that have never been reported or described before.

Chen Lixin said.

The landscape full of sinkholes is called karst. Karst is formed mainly by the decomposition of rocks under the influence of groundwater. Watersheds and caves are established in such an area where it is rare for trees to grow in the cavities that have been formed to allow sufficient light to filter so that large trees can grow.

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