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Index – Science – The smart windshield was developed in Salgótarján

The pavilion was developed by a consortium led by Salgglas Zrt in Salgótarján. The pioneering solution allows the car windshield to function as a display screen so that content can be projected onto its entire surface.

Two types of prototypes were also created.

The “demobox” is an easy-to-carry simulator and the other is a windshield integrated into an already working Jeep Wrangler.

Two pieces of hardware were unveiled at the 2021 Automotive Hungary Expo at the Salgglas booth, where users can test them out continuously for three days. As it turns out, prototypes also hide a number of software innovations. This includes a new type of gesture control, various options for masking the light (neutralizing glare) or, for example, the appearance of mixed reality, which complements the reality visible with the naked eye in poor vision conditions.

With the help of the system, not a single danger of danger will be invisible to the driver.

MTI Books Salgglas manufactures windshields for cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes, among others.

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