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Index – Science – Urban residents are happier

A research team at the University of Lille, France, used virtual reality to test how volunteers react to differences in a glass and metal urban landscape dotted with simple concrete buildings. The 36 participants walked into the lab wearing virtual reality goggles, and the researchers modified their virtual environment, displaying plant compositions as well as bright yellow and pink colors and contrasting square patterns in the image that volunteers viewed through the goggles.

The researchers discovered which subjects were most interested in following the subjects’ blinking rate. The participants then completed a questionnaire about their experiences.

Their hearts beat faster in their joy

The volunteers were found walking slower and their heart rate increased when they saw green plants in the urban environment. They raised their heads up, looking ahead and looking around instead of looking at the ground. Although adding and subtracting colors didn’t cause such a difference for the participants, the study found that they were more curious and alert when they saw color patterns on the ground they were actually walking on.

According to Yvonne Delevoy Turrell, professor of cognitive psychology at the university and lead author of the study, the results show that the urban experience is made more enjoyable through vibrant colors. Research published in Frontiers in Virtual Reality Friday suggests that small changes in the city will improve morale even if people experience it through virtual reality.

We believe that changes in human behavior that have occurred in virtual reality can predict the changes we might receive in the natural environment.

Delevoye-Turrell said guardian to me.

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Even the smallest changes can affect a person’s experiences, for example, when he goes to work. The results show the mood-enhancing effects of plants and colours In the urban environment.