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Index – Science – Who did not wear socks – 10 questions about Einstein

70 years ago, the Israeli government asked Albert Einstein to become the second president of the independent state of Israel after the late Chaim Weizmann. However, Einstein refused the request, but he was the only American citizen ever offered a position to lead a foreign country. He died in an American hospital for three years, with only one nurse by his side who said Einstein muttered German words and then fell asleep. The coroner took his brain out of his body without the family’s permission, and a brain test showed no abnormalities at the time. In 1999, a more in-depth analysis showed that brain wall space is missing, which is compensated for by the inner wall lobe being 15 percent wider than normal. This area is responsible for abstract mathematical calculations, mathematical reasoning, spatial vision, and intellectual function of the brain.

Now you can test how much you know about this genius who is also involved in quantum physics, black holes and time travel.

To answer all your questions 30 Seconds. Select the correct answer and then wait for the time to expire or click the Next Question button. Clicking the link will start the game.

(Cover image of Albert Einstein. Photo: Harold M. Lambert / Getty Images Hungary)

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